… or is there something like a true or shared reality?

Obviously the reality consists of infinite perspectives and mentally it is possible for each individual to develop his private sphere of understanding, world view and self-image.

How would I know how to treat you right, when I only knew my world, but did not know your world? We could only agree on some common understanding of rules that we want to apply. This means the life of individuals can only be harmonized by the commitment to a shared set of rules – as long they truly can’t see each other.

When they see each other, the situation is completely different:

they simply know the needs of the others and can take care for it directly.

The method by which we see each other is LOVE. When we apply love, we see the view of the other, we read his heart and love to take care for him/her. We are joined into a sphere of exchange, a network of perspectives, a unity that exceeds the limits of an individual. The ultimate all-perspective is called God, it consists of infinite entities that have joined the state of Oneness in love. In this state, the borders of a being are present and transparent, they are highly valuable, because otherwise there would be no life, no awareness and no existence. But these borders are so transparent, that we feel that we are one, while we sit around the camp 🔥.