To love someone means to see, feel, validate, accept, understand, support, appreciate this one and come into an exchange with him that brings both into one sphere of spirit, that can perform combined actions and experiences of these combined ones.

To love someone even means to walk the life with this one like oneself.

It is finding into the essences of the other one and be it as oneself. It means being exactly the way as the other one is.

Jesus loves all souls, therefore we can understand what happens, when we love Jesus. We are incorporated into the unlimited sphere of combined life, of incredible beauty, ability and care. We are one with Him, when we love Him and all that is in Him is joined in this Oneness.

It is not a hypothetical or philosophical approach. It is just what happens to thousands and thousands of human beings every single day since thousands of years. It is true and approved many many million times. It is reliable and trustworthy, He is.