One of the most common spiritual concepts is that of the visible to be a reflection of the invisible spirit. The idea is based on a fragmented world view where impressions or experience is thought to be external to what is considered the true Self or God.

Anyhow, what is the origin, substance, essence and purpose of the reflection? When the so-called reflection is analyzed in more depth it turns out that it cannot be external to what is considered the true Self or God.

It is inherently God, the one essence, purpose and substance that has no other essence, purpose and substance than itself.

So what is the so-called reflection? It is an impression that in itself seems to be separate from God, but actually in deeper truth is what God is.

There are different ways of seeing something and all these ways are inherent to God. The idea that this is a specific world with specific human beings is a way of seeing that has the same essence like all other ways of seeing it. Essentially this means that no impression, no experience, no so-called reflection is different from all other impressions, when it is followed down to its essence.

And the essence can be followed down to each specific impression of any detail, idea, though or feeling.

Neither can we reduce God to the “all” nor can we reduce God to the detail or so-called reflection.

When we try to have God without the details, we are deluded. When we try to have the details without God, we are also deluded.

In this world, unfortunately, most men try to see details while forgetting God. In spiritually oriented groups we unfortunately find the intention to see God without seeing the details. Both are misguided ways of seeing and being.

God loves the details like himself, but he does not take any detail out of the context of himself. He goes down to the most tiny sub-atomique details and never leaves the whole. And each detail is not static, but is based on fluent comparisons of different potential ways of seeing it.

It is hard to understand this and it may seem abstract; yet it is the most important practical thing that a man or a woman may understand: see all wonderful details and enjoy them without leaving God and without bringing them out from the context of God. It means practically that walking in God is the way we are real. Don’t try to possess details, let it flow and enjoy, love. This is walking in truth.