To be honest, I love Jesus. I trust Him absolutely and I am sure that He and the Father are One. Jesus showed up in my life many times and it took a long ride to realize that He is truly my savior. I go with Jesus and today I would like to explain to you what this means. I would like to try to explain it to you, because Jesus is to good for me to not tell you about Him.

There are many ways to get in touch with Jesus. You may call on his name. To me, there is no name like the name of Jesus and it is sometimes even more powerful when I call Him Yeshua. This does not mean, that Yeshua and Jesus are different, they are not. But when calling the name Yeshua, it feels just more directly, less disturbed. Anyway, who calls the name of Jesus / Yeshua honestly in his heart, he will meet Jesus /Yeshua. You may also praise him, tell Him, that you want to meet Him, sing worship songs etc. There are many ways to get your relation with Jesus enhanced.

I can’t tell you, how he will come to you, but for sure he comes in a way that is appropriate for you. You might first feel a burning sensation in your heart. When you are going on to call His name intensely in your heart, I am sure, your transformation is in the very best hands and will enhance as it shall be due to the will of God.

When you persist in getting Jesus in your life, it will become more and more evident that he is with you and it will get usually much more intense after some weeks or months.

Be sure Jesus knows the right pace for you. The transformation is so intense, when it goes on, that we could not bear it when he would go to fast. He is always absolutely on my side and on your side. He is the One we can trust. He is the One that does not come to judge us, He comes to transform us into His Union and Oneness, that He has with the Father. He is supportive, he is challenging and he loves truly.

He brings us more and more in tune with himself and as he is tuned in with all holy beings and all life, he tunes us into life, truth and path. He did not bring me into Heaven, He showed me Heaven is our own spirit, when we are connected and tuned into a vibrant living Oneness of LOVE.