We have a soul, that much we may concede. But we do not have any soul, we have a very special soul. It is a soul who can love, who can understand, who is extremely sensitive.

Perhaps the sensitivity, the ability to intuitively grasp and understand the unspeakable, is the greatest gift we have. Without this sensitivity we could not love in a world where people avoid honesty and often indulge in wickedness and meanness. The sensitivity, the subtle sensibility finds in the other person the valuable, the soul.

The obvious response to hostility in the world is certainly the pursuit of protection and security. This leads to your own soul being hidden and kept secret. The world is not burdened onto your own soul. Instead, you take roles and play invulnerability, hardheartedness and invincibility. However, one gets into deep emotional distress, because one burdens onto the other souls exactly those things, against which one wanted to protect oneself. That is the sin, the behavior towards others in a way that would hurt one’s own soul if it were exposed to this behavior. And indeed, our sensitive soul feels with the other we hurt. And so the pursuit of security and protection ultimately leads to self-injury and hidden emotional sadness.

The adequate response to the wickedness of the world is the love of the soul. The love of the soul senses the vulnerable soul of the other and connects with it. She communicates with the soul of the other, even if he can not recognize it. Thus, the soul of the other again regains courage and is comforted. It is revived and thawed out of the torpor and despair that especially its own sin prepares her for. This process, in which one’s own soul touches and loves the other, despite of the malice of the other, this process is forgiveness. In forgiveness one overcomes the barrier between the souls, which may also be called sin.

So, if we become aware of our sentient soul and let it live, we can only live lovingly. Every person we meet, we do not repay after how he meets us, but after what his sensitive soul and our sensitive soul really wants. That is understanding, loving sympathy, friendship and companionship.

The more sensitive we are, the more terrible it would be for us to be stuck at the level of superficial malice, and to see only a sinner in the other. We are called to look into the depths of the soul, into the neediness and beauty of the Other. From this, the vulnerable alone has the strength to see the good in the other, which the other has hidden due to his fear of injury.

Salvation is therefore always through the pain. If we are not prepared to dive into the depths of good through pain, we will misjudge the true value of others and consider them evil. Under the wickedness hides the good that is in deep sorrow and waiting for us. We should bring peace, on behalf of the Lord.