Holy Spirit come!

Holy Spirit, come over us, fill us completely, teach us the truth. Thank you. Amen.

What is the message of Jesus Christ? Obviously, there is not just one single message of Jesus, but a whole series of essential messages Jesus gave throughout his life in words, signs and wonders. Furthermore, there is a sheer infinite wealth of messages that Jesus gives through the Holy Spirit and through His continued appearance on the earth.

Essential messages for me are:

1) In the love that Jesus shows and teaches us, we fulfill all the commandments of the Lord. We bring peace, unity and light into the world in love.
2) The Lord sends us the Holy Spirit, who explains to us all that is important to us when we knock and ask for it.
3) The Lord sends us the Holy Spirit, without whom we can do nothing.
4) The kingdom of God has already come and is in the midst of us. We are called to find it and to enter.
5) He who seeks the kingdom of God above all other things, the Lord takes care of.
6) The Holy Spirit is poured out in the context of the Lord’s messages and continues to spread through believers and their testimonies.
7) Jesus has taken on all sins and rose from the dead in glory again.
8) The Lord will ask us about our life, if we helped him when he had nothing to eat.
9) The Lord asks God that we shall be one with Him, as He is one with God.
10) Jesus and the Father is One. Yet Jesus prays to the Father and follows him.
11) The Holy Spirit convicts the world of its sin.
12) Who does not find the Holy Spirit during his lifetime, he will be convicted after death in the Holy Spirit of his sins. There will be howls and teeth chattering.






If I keep these important messages in front of my eyes at the same time, then I come to the following conclusions:

• We find the love and the peace of God through and in the Holy Spirit.
• We pass on the love and peace of God through the Holy Spirit.
• In the Holy Spirit, no sins are committed.
• We enter the kingdom of God through the Holy Spirit. It is already there, but we mostly stay outside of the Holy Spirit and are therefore mostly not in the Kingdom of God.
• We and the Father are one when we are in the Kingdom of God. Yet we have individuality and pray to the Father.
• In the Holy Spirit, we accept all people as they are, including their sins. By doing so, we arise in the glory of God. Thus we find the reconciliation of humanity, which takes place and performed in the Holy Spirit outside of time.
• To remain in the Holy Spirit, we must accept the truth of the Holy Ghost and abandon our illusions about our righteousness. Furthermore, we must actively participate in reconciliation in the Holy Spirit, otherwise we can not enter the Blessed Sacrament. So the Holy Spirit cleanses us, but we have to cooperate.
• We can not truly love on our own, and we will continue to sin against the souls of our brothers and sisters.
• Going into the Holy Spirit is always also a reversal of everything that opposes the Holy Spirit. At the same time, it is also an acceptance of all life paths and all people, that may temporarily oppose the Holy Spirit. Thus, the acceptance of fellow men leads to liberation from everything that is directed against fellow human beings. By accepting all sin as our own sin in the united spirit, we transcend and overcome all sin; all sin dies, where all living beings are loved and accepted as oneself.

Based on these considerations, I further conclude that the reconciliation of all humanity has taken place in the spirit of Jesus Christ. The spirit of Jesus Christ is therefore to be equated with the Holy Spirit.

A neutral attitude towards Jesus Christ is therefore not possible if one wants to accept the Holy Spirit. For the acceptance of the Holy Ghost equates to the acceptance of all that Jesus proclaimed and lived. Furthermore, Jesus and the Father are one. So everyone who accepts the Father will also accept Jesus and His message.

We should therefore not be ashamed of the name of the Lord, but rather be glad to know him and to announce him. Since accepting Jesus also means accepting all people, the path to Jesus leads to the acceptance of all other ways and to the final reconciliation of all paths into the unity of the spirit and the heart.