Holy Spirit, come and operate my spirit, body and life.

Life in the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is alive, constantly bringing forth new knowledge, creativity, love and powerful deeds.

He is fundamentally different from human thinking. Human thinking turns within itself and only processes the very limited amount of information that is absorbed and processed by the physical person. Human thought, therefore, is largely subject to the control of the physical man, though at times unconsciously exercised.

The Holy Spirit, on the other hand, offers the extremely deep processing of all information related to the person and his current situation.

These are obviously information and things that are beyond the control of the physical person and beyond his control. Therefore, the Holy Spirit feels rather alien to man, like something that happens to him and comes from outside him.

It is therefore particularly advantageous when the physical man identifies with the Holy Spirit insofar as he feels that everything that comes from the Holy Spirit belongs to his higher truth. If any “alienation” with the Holy Spirit is discarded, then it can unfold in and through the physical person completely freely and causes experiences that are truly great or good and beautiful.

The power and ability of the Holy Spirit is in itself limitless, for it is the Spirit and the power of God. Only man throttles the Holy Spirit in himself, trusting not in the Holy Spirit, but in himself and in his personal thinking.

But personal thinking and the resulting action is characterized by great inadequacy. It does not follow the overall understanding of a situation, but a very personal partial view. The Holy Spirit, on the other hand, equitably considers all interests and accomplishes what is good for all.

So, when we trust in the Holy Spirit, we can enjoy the good, the true, and the beautiful, which the Holy Spirit accomplishes when he is free.

Let us call the Holy Spirit!

Come Holy Spirit, fill me.
You know what is good for me and my brothers and sisters.
I believe only you.
I follow only you.
I trust only you.
I praise you and want your action in me and through me.
Please heal me, Holy Spirit.
Please empower me in you and push me into action.
Realize the divine order through me and my brothers and sisters.
Make us One in you.
I trust only you.
Without you I cannot do anything.
Please move me now.
Thank you Lord.