Come Holy Spirit, guide me into understanding what I shall understand today.


Unity is not achieved by sinners agreeing on a common position (a sinful compromise). It is achieved by the sinners entering into the Holy Spirit and following the will of God, and living it out in communion, each his part that is given to him continuously.

Jesus did not seek unity with the Pharisees by agreement with the Pharisees. He sought unity only with the will of God. Everything else would be a departure from God. So, if we want to agree, it’s because we all come into the Spirit of God and follow it steadily. He will guide us, but may not immediately reveal the whole plan and background.

Under no circumstances leave the will of God to follow those who do not follow God. Decide for God even then, if people will then host you, degrade, insult, mock, sell for stupid, insult, slander and expel. Blessed is he who is persecuted because he does not follow the mighty, but is faithful to God. He who takes disadvantages for the sake of God is blessed.

The final unity is reached by going into the reconciliation process in the Holy Spirit and staying in it, while living. The Oneness becomes complete and it becomes evident, that the living One is going all ways, all steps, all paths, everywhere, experiences all pain and has all glory and joy. In the final sense it becomes apparent, that there is only God not as being someone static, but by living, experiencing, seeing, creating and understanding it all. Anyhow, this does not eliminate the temporary truth of fragmentation, sin and unharmonious spirits that are not in Union with each other – while being inside of the limited view and sequential perspective. Listen, who has ears.


Therein lies the true faith that we pray for God’s will to happen to us. So, when we understand that God’s plan is for our good. It also requires us to engage in frightening and painful experiences, as the Lord has taught us by going to the cross himself.

Jesus trusted that crucifixion was ultimately good and best for him. This trust was confirmed and Jesus was glorified. True faith does not lie in the fact that we wish for something at our discretion and believe that God must fulfill our wishes. No, when our faith has matured, we want to do  and to happen exactly what is helpful and right, in the wisdom and love of our Father.

Suffering and Healing

When we see a person in pain and suffering, we may think that he or she has done something wrong. But think of Jesus who suffered innocently and according to the will of God. Jesus did not suffer because God wants to punish someone, this is ridiculous, he suffered because it is the path of sanctification and reconciliation. Joy and Glory has roots in pain and suffering. How could there be depth of the soul without such a root? It is impossible.

It is not the pampered who is characterized by particular holiness, but the one who is very familiar with pain and grief.
And yet, Jesus calls us to heal the sick and preach the gospel. So all tears are to be dried and the goal of suffering is not the destruction, but the glorification.

Suffering serves our soul and healing as well. So we should do the will of God and heal those he lets us do together.
So the hidden benefit of suffering should not slow us down in our effort to reduce the suffering of the people who really need rest and give them a taste of final salvation.

On the one hand, let us endure the suffering confidently, as long as we can not get rid of it and overcome it where it is possible. Both are right and belong together.

Sense of Life

Life has a purpose, there is a fruit of the human life that God wants to harvest into Union in himself. The experience of the worldly life forms a depth of the soul based on the experiences made. These experienced are harmonized and transcended into wisdom, love, sense and aliveness during the process of reconciliation into the sprit of God. We can bring more or less fruit. Also negative experiences like pain and suffering can be transcended into a good soul that is full of compassion and mercy and knows pain and joy.


Everything has to be healed. All experiences of the people are processed in the spirit! If I do harm to another person, then in the spirit of God, inevitably a healing of the process must happen. A malfunction will never remain unprocessed, disordered, but it will always be corrected sooner or later. Therein lies the righteousness of God, that everything is ordered and reconciled to wisdom and love. Thus, it is true that every failure is followed by a correction. If we call this correction atonement or punishment, then we have also put these concepts into the context of God.

How then can a correction of an act take place, which led to an injury of the other? Apparently, this requires several things:

  1. A common understanding of the deed, its consequences and its motivations must be brought about. Thus, it is necessary to appreciate both the pain caused by the act and the previous pain or lack of experience of suffering in the life of the perpetrator, who made him a person who did such acts and was not capable of compassion. Obviously, all participants have to be involved in a common spirit in which understanding is achieved. This is the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Thus, perpetrators and victims must enter the Holy Spirit to achieve common understanding.
  2. The will to produce such acts no longer has to be created by turning compassion and love into the driving force. For this purpose, the souls must first have understood what has happened and come to a reaction based on understanding and comprehension, which transforms the desire to avoid hurting others into a leading motive of the soul. The desire for the good, then, is based on the understanding of evil, and this, too, is formed in the spirit in which the total knowledge of all backgrounds is present. This, too, succeeds only in the Holy Spirit / in the spirit of Jesus Christ.
  3. The past needs to be completed and the status of loving attained. This requires the act of forgiveness and reconciliation, as well as that of falling in love again. Forgiveness is based on the previous steps of common understanding perceived as repentance, compassion and pain and the subsequent formation of the desire for good for each other. On this basis, the respective element of injustice is atoned. And this allows forgiveness, that is the deletion of the element from the archive of what is still unprocessed. And based on the steps described before, all is prepared for falling in love again. You have understood him, you have felt with him, you have grasped his desire to do good to you, you see his sincere repentance and you love him, you have grown together with him, just through the past of mutual alienation, the past of sin. This process, too, can only be accomplished in the common spirit, that is, in the Holy Spirit, the spirit of Jesus Christ.

So the atonement of sin takes place in the spirit of Jesus Christ, in that we all enter or we are drawn into him. The notion that Jesus would make atonement for our sins without our participation is thus a completely false and misleading misinterpretation. No, all human beings are drawn into the common spirit of reconciliation, otherwise they could never finish their open issues and experiences and could not deal with them, not find themselves in the heaven of the Spirit of Love.

One might ask oneself how this process works, when many people want to escape the process of reconciliation in the Holy Spirit and even doubt it, or have never met it. So one might think that a complete reconciliation is not possible and a person willing to repent could never come to reconciliation, since others refuse his wish. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit is eternal and omnipresent. We come together in him, regardless of when we reached reconciliation and conversion.

If I want reconciliation today and turn to the Holy Spirit to go through the process of reconciliation, then I already find you there, even if you will only come back after a long life and many intermediate steps. So I can walk beside you in the world and be completely reconciled with you, completely love you, although you have not yet reconciled with me – temporally seen – because you have reconciled with me – eternally seen.

So we see that God is perfectly just and all is revealed, nothing remains hidden. Every little thing is processed, everything comes together in the infinite Spirit of the Lord.

If you want to forgive today and return to love, then you need the Holy Spirit. Only in reconciliation do you become beneficiaries of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, to whom you – what a surprise – must make your contribution, as I do. But if you reject Jesus or the Holy Spirit and do not believe him, then my reconciliation with you will not fail because your resistance must be temporary. Sooner or later you will be cooked soft and we will love each other. And this love already exists here and now in the eternal Jesus, for everyone who enters into him here and now, processing his part of the guilt and what was done to him in Jesus.


Salvation is meant for all lives of all human beings. It is the reconciliation of all splintered spirits into the Holy Spirit, which is the spirit that was revealed in Jesus Christ. It is a divine arrangement and not the work done by a separated man. The work was done in the Holy Spirit and is done eternally. It is a continuous processing of all experiences partly after collecting a certain amount of experience, that is not directly compatible with the Holy Spirit or on the fly where the experience is directly under the lead of the Holy Spirit.

This means, that the life stream that is not in accordance with the Holy Spirit must go through a death / rebirth process, where the separated sphere of spirit is harmonized into the overall Holy Spirit. This process is salvation. The process can only work, when the spirit of man is integrated and reconciled into the Holy Spirit and this means there must be an entrance into the Holy Spirit for all men. Jesus is known to be the entrance, because he is both man and Holy Spirit / God. In him mankind and Holy Spirit become One. This means the man who is One with God is used as a reference or an address, that can be known by all man due to the similarity of each man / woman with Jesus who lets shines through the sanctified souls of all man. In his spirit we find into our eternal soul in Union with all mankind.

Of course there must be specific measures in place that are used to bring all men into a state of the soul, that truly wants to reconcile. Some of these things are commonly called the purgatory, judgement and hell. All these elements are meant to bring reconciliation. In the end ALL tongues will confess the name of the Lord, this means God finds ways to bring in all life streams and souls into himself.

After completion of the salvation process, the unity is restored and Oneness in God is revealed again From this perspective all life streams are understood to be pathways of God himself, where God walked in darkness for a while, being one with us not only after reconciliation, but also during our darkest nights. He has all experiences through us, who he is temporarily. This is the final perspective looking from his position, while during the walk in wilderness, he / we cannot be truly One with him, who is reconciled and One in all He does. Thus it depends on the perspective, if we say “all is One” or “only God is one and men must first find the Oneness”. Both is true depending on the perspective.

Finally we can be full of praise and trust the Lord that He does not ask things from us, that He would not want for himself. It is all in harmony when looking into the big picture and nonetheless, there is the need to challenge ourselves to find Union with Him during this lifetime. It is not a game, it is real and the consequences can be extremely painful, when we are doing it wrongly.

In this context it seems evident, that hell – even it must have the impression of timelessness and eternity – cannot be eternal seen from divine perspective. Hell must be another tool, to cook the unwilling soul into a state, where it is open to want to end suffering for itself and others through reconciliation. May the Lord help us, that nobody has to go through this painful experience any more.

Sin and Holiness

Sin is the mode of living, when there is no continuous processing in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, but life is lived from a semi-separated sphere of spirit. The semi-separated sphere of spirit is not able to “see” the impact of it’s deeds properly and therefore must make mistakes and lives in struggle. The experience of separation brings the experience of pain, suffering, shame, desperation, fear and many more, that can not be experienced in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, where the absolute understanding of all things brings out peace, harmony, love, care and glory and joy. But all good things cannot be available, when there is no knowledge of all bad things. Therefore, there is part of the processing of things that must be done in the mode of sin. These things would not be known without the semi-separation between the spirit of sin and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit sees and processes also the sinful spheres, while it has the overall understanding of all things. Only within the spheres of sin, there is the impression of separation. Overall, there is no total separation, because the Holy Spirit sees all things.

The Holy Spirit is eternal life, this means it does not first process something and then stops processing it. It is processing everything now and here without start and ending. Only the impression of Strat and ending is used within the processes to direct streams of spirt from one zone to the other. All experience is processed in the eternal spirit, that’s why in absolute sense there is no beginning and no ending. All is known and experienced all together in the Holy Spirit, in God. That’s why He is the living One.

When we now come back to the temporary impression of separation in sin, which we experience in this world (sphere of spirit), we can conclude, that sin ends for us, when we enter into the Holy Spirit, where all things are processed and the resulting knowledge allows to walk outside of sin. And in the Holy Spirit all sin is processed, this means the sin belongs to God, he not only draws it on His son, He and the son is One. The sin belongs to God and is processed in God for there is no sin God, outside of the spheres of sin.

All this may seem to be complicated, while we are within the separated sphere of sin, where we can only think in time and have the impression of separation. And in this view it is true, that the sinner and God are two separated things, where God is holy and the sinner is sinful. But think of Jesus Christ, who is God. Didn’t the Bible already reveal, that all sin was put onto the Son (who is God). This means that God takes all sin onto himself and processes it in himself in a way that all sin is overcome eternally. Outside the temporary impression to be the sinner, there is the impression to have experienced (experience now and here) all sin, all human life, all life, and by doing so being able to do everything in absolute perfection now and here.

God does not hate the sinner, he loves the sinner. And in His eternal wisdom, He sees the sinner as just a part of himself that is needed to be the knowing good Father of all things. The depth of the eternal soul would be impossible without being all kinds of sinners in different pathways that come together in the Holy Spirit of God. And it is always fresh, there is no absolute time. All that is is what is.

If a man wants to stay in the reconciled unified Holy Spirit, he must end the experience of being One sinner exclusively – and enter into the knowledge to be each sinner and the resulting wisdom and depth of the soul that comes from being and processing all that is. In the Holy Spirit we see the sinner not as separated from ourselves, but we won’t do any sin, because by being it all, we have overcome it all. And we can do good from the wisdom and will of God. We won’t sin, when we process and experience all sin.

Sin and temptation must come in temporary impression, otherwise eternally it would not be overcome in joy and gratitude and understanding and love.

Listen, who has ears.

Time and Eternity

Time is the sequential order in the impressions that are experienced. Time is not absolute and it serves the order that is needed to generate sense. Therefore, time is one of the features that is utilized in our frame of experience called world or universe. It is not an absolute truth, it is a truth that is needed within the context of the worldly experience where multiple entities are interfering within a frame of guidance and orientation. Obviously there is forward compatibility of experiences in this sequential order called time, and there is also backward compatibility. The experience has one direction, because there is a memory into the past and there is no memory into the future. This means that future pathways may be chosen, while past pathways are set. This setup of rules is obviously helpful to generate what God wants to generate: an experience where beings have aliveness that reflects the aliveness of the Living One. The world life, so much we may assume, is giving some insights into more complex principles that are used to find sense where everything is possible.

Obviously, this arrangement, where some elements are fixed (or change very slowly) and other things can be continuously changed (faster change) is quite helpful, to bring forth sense, evolution and growth. without such a thing as time, there would be no possibility to improve anything, everything would stay as it is forever. It would be dead and senseless. Therfore, the principle of time is actually very indicative towards the principle of life in general. It must be open to some extend and it must have grip in available experience and knowledge to some extend.

When we scale this principle from our little frame of experience towards the limitless aliveness of God, we could conclude, that God is always alive and at the same time has grip in what He knows, what He learned while exploring the infinite possibilities.

When we assume, that God is operating absolutely in no time, so everything that can be explored is actually accessible to him, there is still the need to allow for openness, change and choice. Otherwise, the sense would get stuck and life would just break down in senselessness.

This means, below the line, that God is allowing aliveness by shadowing partly what he knows and have the experience always fresh. There would be no surprise, no luck and no joy, when we would have the impression to have seen it all before. And there would be actually no sense at all, when there wouldn’t be this forward drifting within all that is alive. When we would already know each detail of our life before it happens, it would be absolutely senseless.

So does God know everything, before it happens? The answer must be NO! There is knowledge of what could happen, all kinds of scenarios can be known, but in each individual case there is choice, so it is not clear, which scenario will be taken. Overall, it might be clear that our embodied life shall end one day, but it is not clear, in which path we will end up, where infinite possibilities exist.

In each case, there is choice and overall all possibilities are known, but which one is mine? This depends on my choices. So where I am reduced in who I am, my journey must be flexible, because I can go different pathways. In absolute sense, all pathways are gone, all is explored, but still, in my specific life it is not fixed. When I want guidance, I can get guidance by the overall wisdom, that goes all pathways and resonates with me in a specific way, that is perfect for me.

The responses, that I become from this ultimate wisdom and power that we know as our God, this surely depends on my situation and my configuration. The path into eternal life does not mean, that we stop to be specific, because then there would be no life at all. Life means that we don’t occupy all possibilities at once, but we move within the possibilities by not identifying with all possibilities at once. Otherwise we could not move, and this would mean that there would be no experience of life, sense and time at all.

It is therefore obvious, that God is not the One who sits on all free places at once, blocking his own aliveness, he is the one moving in all possibilities and by doing so helping and guiding himself like a living network of aliveness. This joined totality of moving in oneself is obviously the love that we identify with God. It is the power that brings forth the guidance and movement of life. It must be full of inner exchange, that does not block its aliveness. We must rely on each other, on the network, the living One. Together we are the network, not alone.

eternity is therefore eternal life, it is an ongoing exchange, where no pathway is blocked or fixed in a way, that it can not experience something new. It stays alive always. Eternity is just a word, but it points to an infinite system of life and wisdom, that is always on the move without beginning and ending. We are home not by holding what we have, we are home by trusting in each other that we will guide ourselves through the possibilities utilizing exchange and love.


When we ask God about his identity, He would answer, that he is who he is. He may also say (as Jesus does) that He was hungry and in prison, indicating, that He has all identities in this sense.

Actually, each personality is a temporary personality, an impression, that is not the ultimate truth of who we are. The ultimate truth is that we are who we are and this is not reducible to a specific description, it cannot be nailed down.

The wisdom, power and love of God is not something static, it is exchange and openness is needed to be alive, to exist. There is no absolute fixed identity, other then the alive identity that changes in all its pieces and cannot be brought into a condition of stillness.

The ultimate identity is what is and this is alive. Aliveness needs being parts and joining the parts and moving the parts. This means God cannot be a rigid construction, God must consist out of infinite moving streams, subsystems, that all together are and she what they can only be together, not alone. The One is actually infinite beings joined in exchange and love, without static other then the aliveness that is eternally alive.