Is God the chaos of "everything"? Is God a power that wants your devotion? Is God a natural force that can be explored scientifically? Personal Experience? Find my conclusions based on broad study of all of these items: western traditions, eastern traditions, science and personal experience.

In Western Tradition it is anticipated that God is truly good in all respects.

In Eastern Tradition it is anticipated that God is everything and neither good nor evil.

When the conclusions of tremendous amounts of thinking, experience and spiritual research is so different, we should ask ourselves, if we are talking about the same thing. So first of all: Who or what is God?

Western tradition says God is transcendent creator, giver, guide and savior of life. Eastern traditions say God is beyond anything that could be comprehended and basically the undefined source.

Obviously we are not talking about the same thing and are also interested in different questions. While the western approach is more practical and asking for relation between man and God, the eastern approach is philosophical and even more scientific, because it tries to address the question of origin of existence. The question of origin of God was not in the focus in western traditions.

Actually, the eastern traditions always believe that the origin must be God and everything comes and goes from the origin. Westerners traditions don’t asked about the origin of God and just tried to clarify how a man can live in relation to God and could eventually be brought into a condition of eternal life. For eastern conditions the quest for eternal life was never in focus, as they assumed that such a definition could not be present in the origin. They assumed some undefined condition to be the target of spiritual practices.

As a conclusion we can say, that we have totally different approaches and questions that are being addressed. As a consequence the ideas about God and how a man could obtain communion with God are totally different. Anyhow, everyone seeks for communion with God.

The practical question remains: What shall a man do to receive communion?

For Eastern traditions it is evident that striving for virtues and goodness contradicts the idea about communion. The strive must be in regard to dispassionate oneself and become as empty and senseless as the origin of existence is thought to be.

For Western traditions it is evident that a man must strive to become as perfect as God is perfect. Strive for good, beautiful, highest moral standards, aliveness, and humility.

When we look to the practical impact in history it can be seen that the Western traditions have not resulted in a significant outperforming of the eastern traditions until the epoch of enlightenment in the west, which brought science forth and resulted in burst of new achievements and threats for mankind. Life became more safe and much longer for the averaged westerner. In the meanwhile the east has taken over all achievements and switched into a western style of life. The search for communion with God have been given up to a large fraction at the same time.

In the West it was the shift from trusting in the ultimate God, who should have been caring for mankind towards a man that has understood he must care for himself and may have some divine support in doing what he finds out to be reasonable. Westerners have mostly given up the hope to can trust in an invisible God and believe to must care for themselves in all respects, also the spiritual growth.

For Westerners it is therefore a natural undertaking to prefer Eastern traditions, where a man must gain his communion with a natural source “brahman > the universe” to receive and become an eternal being by his private undertaking in the spirit.

To a Westerner it became evident that moral and devotional approaches towards God have not resulted in a great shift for mankind, while the huge scientific efforts have resulted in breakthroughs for life quality and possibility to survive much longer as a human being. It is forgotten, that the scientific approach was accompanied by a huge cultural approach that gave meaning and beauty to the societies. The world wars have cemented to conclusion that culture is not truly helpful and only scientific leadership may bring mankind into a more elaborate state. As a result culture was ramped down and the great depression is now coming over Western societies: it is the age where no meaning can be anticipated besides some short time happiness with consumable goods.

When a Westerner starts his quest for meaning, he will regularly look not into Western traditions, but will look for self-doing approaches that appear to be scientifically reasonable. The blank origin, a source that is neither good nor bad fits very well to the experience of western societies. The strive for goodness has not brought great progress, so they think, it must be some more scientific solution, a man-made undertaking that can save mankind in regard to afterlife. So they believe and start to meditate to rise their frequencies into the eternal life, so they think. It’s quite understandable, when considering the history.

Anyhow, my private conclusion are a bit different. I was surely there, I have elaborated all kinds of spiritual approaches and looked at it with western eyes, trying to comprehend what seems most logical and fits to the latest scientific research results. And following this approach in combination with experiences that are surely far from anything that can be explained scientifically in these days, I have revisited the logic of God.

My understanding is today that there is surely the absolute bottom of all things that is truly free potential, so all possibilities sitting all together in no time and no space and they could do and be anything. Anyhow, in regard to conscious life, which alone seems to be worth striving for, the situation is different. Conscious life must have specific choices from the possibilities to be able to be conscious and to be able to live eternally. You cannot just take chaos and hope it will be super clever and maintain itself. There must be intelligence and wisdom and this is not random, but it is clear and knows exactly on the point how it does things right.

So to me it is evident, that the free potential is just a source that must be used by intelligence in a way that there is meaning that is consciously captured. We are in a stream of creation of meaning and must follow the stream into more meaning, more intelligence, more consciousness and more wisdom, because otherwise eternal life wouldn’t be possible. An intelligence that falls into depression and does not want to live any more won’t be ready to survive for good and there must be meaning, otherwise intelligence would not like to live for good.

So, my conclusion is, that we must seek the conscious streams of goodness, beauty, meaning, intelligence, wisdom and moral perfection, because these are the routes to the eternal conscious life that alone is worth seeking.

The streams of God must be good, otherwise they would not guide into eternal life. My conclusion is as it was traditionally known in the western tradition: God is good; go for good not for chaos.