Walk with the Lord!

The power of God is with those that seek the Kingdom of God above all else.

This blog is for people that want the Kingdom of God now and here. For people, that want to walk in the spirit of God. For people that want to capture the full message of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. This blog is for those, that want to ignite themselves in the spirit of God and want to be the light of the world. Let us walk together, not alone. It is for those, that believe that love is the answer.

We blog to bring the Holy Spirit into words, action and life.

Focus on Love

Our mission is to bring the love and spirit of God to the people. Our mission is our unity in the One spirit of God.

We explain in our blog the background of the human nature and the spiritual practices that can strongly support to enter into the Union of God.

Our Mission

The living mode of love and union is eternal life. We are sure that each human being on earth deserves to be saved in the spirit of love and eternal life.

Our mission is to bring the living path to union for all human beings on planet earth.